1100 to 2014

  • A narrow access point for Saalfelden by nature (wall remains are partly visible)
  • A tower with roadblock, control and protection barrier already existed around 1100.
  • In 1228 the archbishops of Salzburg owned the whole estate. A headquarter with jurisdiction was established. During the Peasants' War (1525-26), the fortifications were destroyed, then rebuilt.
  • In the years 1620/21 the assets were secured and provided protection in the 30 Years War.
  • In 1997 a "Schlössl" was built at the pass which today is known as "Pass Luftenstein"
  • 1805 Napoleon's troops came from Salzburg, plundered and murdered, and moved on to Tirol.
  • 1809 was the big year of terror. French and Bavarian soldiers fought against the Austrians. There were great losses on both sides.
  • In the 18th century an interim toll for bringing salt over the Hirschbichl Schlössl was collected.
  • In the years 1968/74 the Schlössl was demolished and rebuilt in stages and led as an inn.
  • After the death of Alexander Pfannhauser's death his daughter Christina rebuilt the property with new and exclusive holiday flats and rented apartments.